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Thai Cooking Class at The Thai House

Our cooking class started in 1991 after receiving many requests from our guests. Pip, our mom, shared her love of cooking and recipes that have been passed down from her mother and Paiboon’s mother. As our grandmas came from different areas of Thailand so their homestyle cooking were also different. We girls inherited the recipes and cooking tips through cooking side by side with mom and our grandmas.  


When participating in our class, you will explore the amazing tastes of Thailand through authentic homestyle dishes. Meals are prepared in a time-honoured manner using local ingredients and techniques that have evolved over generations.

Importantly, your classes are led by a fluent English-speaking member of the family, and you will be encouraged to actively participate in preparing and cooking, and then consuming authentic Thai food prepared in a traditional manner.

When you arrive at the Thai House, if you have arranged Thai cooking classes, first you will have a short, introductory farm visit, and then head to our open-air kitchen for your cooking lessons. 


To help our guests gain the most from their cooking experience when you choose to stay overnight with us, we will take you to a local fresh food markets where you can explore and source a huge array of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat products. There are also a wide variety of palatable freshly cooked food to try.


To enliven our guests even more, every Thai cooking class includes a boat trip either from Bangkok, or along the canals (klongs) in our neighbourhood.  This means you will experience both Thai cooking, and gain insights into Thai life and living.

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We offer cooking class from one day class up to three-day class. 

In every class :

  • Hands on and make Thai dishes from scratches 

  • Printed recipes of our home-style cooking

  • Snacks and drinking water

  • A boat trip

  • Transport from and to Bangkok

​Let’s cook together!

Thai cooking class
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