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Our Story

Pip and Paiboone wedding.jpg

The Thai House has its origins in the marriage and lives of two energetic and enthusiastic young people, Paiboone and Pip Fargrajang – our parents.  After marriage they lived with our grandparents - Sook and Choy, on a farm in Bang Yai district of Nonthaburi, then a quiet rural area dominated by agriculture and horticulture.  

After some years working in tourism and travel, our dad and mom dreamed of creating a unique destination for overseas and local visitors. They wanted to offer opportunity for visitors to experience genuine Thai hospitality and ways of life.

The Thai House - Sook and Choy.jpg
The Thai House - constuction.HEIC

The Thai House under

construction – late 1990

Choy is our grandma and Sook is our grandpa

With the support and encouragement of our grandparents, a clear vision emerged of a unique homestay built on the farm, close to the local canal (called a klong in Thai).  The shared vision which our parents had, was of a house, built with wood in traditional style, using materials carefully crafted by highly skilled carpenters. This dream, and later vision, became The Thai House.

In 1991 the house completed and The Thai House opened its door to visitors. Dad and mom’s aim was to have a delightful house and home which provided guests with a comfortable and welcoming place to stay, one where they could enjoy warm hospitality and Thai food.


Dad impressed visitors with his great sense of humour and extraordinary vision. Mom’s sweet smile, warm hospitality and palatable cooking have made people feel at home. 

The Thai House - Pip and Paiboone in picture frame.jpg

Pip Fargrajang

Paiboone Fargrajang

The Thai House - first team.jpeg

Soon after the house was opened dad encouraged mom to open a cooking class as there were overwhelming requests from our guests who had enjoyed her delicious food.


In 1991 Pip’s first cooking class was held in our open-aired kitchen allowing guests to participate in cooking delicious dishes, experiencing authentic Thai cuisine first-hand.


Together, they created fond memories for thousands of visitors from all over the world.

The Thai House’s first team

The vision lives on…

In 1996 our beloved dad passed away. Mom continued running the business with the support of Daeng - our aunt - and her faithful team.

At present the three daughters - Pu, Pla and Pang are in charge of  The Thai House while mom and aunt enjoy their retirement. We intend to keep our family’s dream alive. 

The Thai House - present family.JPG
Family 2.jpeg

Though our neighbourhood has evolved from agricultural area to more of urban area,  still The Thai House remains a calm oasis in the heart of green, peaceful gardens. Visitors can still enjoy a boat ride along network of canals, take a cooking class with us to learn our family’s recipes or simply sit on the veranda and listen to the bird singing.  

We always love to welcome new and old friends from all over the world to create good memory together.

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